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Over the past six years, Abasto Subsurface Utility Engineering Services, LLC has been responsible for over 5,000 safe and damage free small hole excavations (potholes) on utilities in the state of New Mexico.   This work was done for numerous organizations, including: AULC has also worked with and provided sub-surface utility information to many of the consulting engineering firms in New Mexico.  Included in this list of consulting engineers are:
City of Albuquerque
Twin Mountain Construction
New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department
Southern Pacific Telcom
PNM Gas Services
US West
Los Alamos National Labs
Sandia National Labs
Smith Engineering
Dames and Moore
URS Greiner
The Larkin Group
Bohannan-Huston Inc.
Wilson and Company
Boyle Engineering
Resource Technologies
Gannet Fleming West
Specific highway projects where AULC oversaw the utility locates include:
I-40 and Carlisle
I-40 and San Mateo
I-25 (Paseo to Tramway)
I-25 and Lohman (Las Cruces)
US 84/285 (Santa Fe)
NM 44
US 70
NM 309
NM 58
US 60


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